Phoenix-8000 LED Wall Washer Series:
The brightest architectural LED wall washer series

Visual Aquatics offers what could possible cure the fear of color commitment. Choose from a selection of high output LED washers suitable in both indoor and outdoor applications. This includes landscape lighting, wall washing, stage lighting, and spot lighting.

Although these durable LED light sources are designed for large area and building illumination, they are a popular choice for residential landscape lighting, special events, sports competitions, concerts, and set designs. Choose between the convenience of a remote or the control of a DMX system, serial, RF and momentary switch at your fingertips.

Visual Aquaticss high output PHOENIX landscape fixtures are powerful and energy efficient RGB and white LED based fixture incorporating 40-80 watt LED power. The


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Accentuate architecture while achieving 70% energy reduction

Achieve both a powerful visual impact and high reliability for the distinctive lighting scheme.

LEAD the Way With Outdoor LED Lighting

Despite the upfront cost if you factor in usage, longevity and replacement, LED Phoenix systems are a fifth the cost of landscape halogen systems.

Dramatic Façade Lighting

Illuminating your home or business façade for a color-fade effect from bottom to top.