Designed for architectural illumination, and indoor applications.

The IMP Series light source is a powerful, yet efficient indoor fibre optic light source powered by LED technology.

Powerful light output combined with IMP’s Sync® module silent operation make this unit the obvious choice for illuminating exhibits in museums, galleries and exhibitions.

With a 50,000 hour lamp life, and cool quiet running, maintenance costs are reduced to almost zero.

Maximum flexibility is ensured with optional control and built in power supply.

This light source is suitable for retro-fitting to exisiting fibre optic installations.

The IMP Series light source provides the illumination to any fibre optic lighting system. They contain the LED lamp and any additional control gear to provide special lighting effects.

Features at a glance:

  • - Bright & powerful
    - Long lamp life
    - Remote control on selected models
    - Variety of controls on selected models
    - White light or colour output

Similar work

The ideal replacements for standard halogen illuminators

High-power white LEDs provide consistent color.

RS232 capabilities

These illuminators are controllable manually or via RS-232 for easy integration into lighting controlled system

DMX capabilities

DMX functionality allows one unit to control and synchronize the behavior of the other units, such as color changing and dimming. DMX control allow the ION LED illuminator to be used for pool and spa, entertainment and theatrical and outdoor applications.