Whether you want to add a one of a unique style to your home, or create a special ambience for special occasions, fiber optic spill and fire bowls are the perfect solution.

Visual Aquatics' Fiber Optics Pool Spill and Fire Pots are used to create water features in pools, ponds and anywhere you want water to spill and light up.

We fabricate unique concrete fiber optic pots with single, double and triple scuppers. We also have NEW LIGHTWEIGHT fiber optic pots that are beautiful and also easy to transport, and install.

Visual Aquatics' Fire pots come in all shapes and sizes and will fit in most any space, large or small. Starry sparkles and dancing fire demands attention as the focal point of a backyard or it can simply accent your outdoor design. Have fun creating your own outdoor experience with our one of a kind fiber optic fire pots.


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A grand effect at night

Available in either automation or manual operation using Visual Aquatics' ION-SERIES illuminators

One of a kind fiber optic spill bowls and Fire pots

Creating an ideal, one of a kind focal point in your pool and spa.

Add Color and Excitement to Any Pool and Spa.

Create the ultimate in outdoor appeal by combining two dramatic lighting elements in our specially designed lit fire/water pots.