The unique combination of water, light and sound has quickly made the visual waterfall one of our most popular products.

Visual WaterFall™ is one of the most popular waterfalls on the market. It creates a beautiful sheet flow effect. The extraordinary combination of light and visual effect created by the fiber optic waterfall will provide a more animated and interesting landscape feature that brings your swimming pool to life.

These unique Fiber Lit Sheer WaterFalls come complete with fiber pre-attached. Illuminati’s Visual Waterfalls adds a dramatic nighttime excitement that is breathtaking.

Sizes Available:

  • 12" Visual Fall, 40' Fiber- 25 Strand
    18" Visual Fall, 40' Fiber- 50 Strand
    24" Visual Fall, 40' Fiber- 50 Strand
    36" Visual Fall, 40' Fiber- 75 Strand
    48" Visual Fall, 40' Fiber- 100 Strand
    Special order please contact us

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