Make a statement with Visual Aquatics Galaxy Rocks™.

Our Galaxy Rocks™ can provide a striking lit groundcover. Galaxy Rocks™ can provide the permanence you seek. The rainbow of colors available in the Galaxy Rock™ along with our LED products is unprecedented in multi applications. Dry river beds, fountain accents, flagstone fillers, paver aggregates, rock gardens, bar countertops, fire place, center pieces ect and floor art.


Similar work

Supplier of lit crystal fire glass rocks

Galaxy crystals are specially formulated jewel like glass crystals for lighting use.

Outdoor showpiece

A collection of vibrant colored glass crystals or "glass rocks" that will INSTANTLY TRANSFORM YOUR OUTDOOR FIRE PIT INTO A SPARKLING SHOWPIECE.

A dazzling effect

Our reflective Galaxy glass has one side with a mirrored edge. This mirrored edge illuminates as LED light dances atop the glass, creating a dazzling effect