12 or 24V RGB or White Submersible LED lightbars

Visual Aquatics produces the highest quality, most reliable and proven submersible lighting in the industry. The lightbars are suitable for pool and spa lighting.

New Xtreme LED lightbars are extremely bright, and are the ideal choice for your pool and spa lighting effects above and below water.

  • Great night light for Pool or fountains
  • Produces the impressive color changing light
  • Adds a whole new decorative dimension to any pool or spa
  • Utilizes low wattage LED lamps and low voltage transformer
  • Quick assemble and install in your pool.



Similar work

Lighting is a better choice for your pool for two reasons:

Saves on your power bill because the system uses less electricity and lasts longer and is easy to replace.

Why a submersible lightbar?

Designed to be the most powerful, reliable, and easiest to implement LED submersible lighting solution available

Research and Development

Careful consideration must be given to performance, durability, and form of the light bar. Visual Aquatics'reputation and commitment to excellence will provide lighting solutions that will meet your pool lighting expectations.