Visual Aquatics
Fiber Optic Gooseneck Fixture

- Adjustable Length “Knuckles’
- Use In or Around Water
- Ideal for Lighting Natural Waterfalls

Accent/Flood Light Fixtures - Adjustable fixtures for illuminating rock waterfalls, trees & shrubs, creating lighted fountains, exterior wall washing or other landscape lighting effects.


Similar work

Accentuate architecture

Achieve both a powerful visual impact and high reliability for the distinctive landscape lighting scheme.

flexible and are great for lighting up rock waterfalls and landscape features.

Flexible, powerful lights for landscaping and
outdoor architectural use.

Base is 3/4 in. MIP for easy installation

Flexible goose-neck landscape fixtures can be used for a variety of applications, especially in illuminating waterfalls. They are suitable for either small area lighting or feature lighting.