Residential and commercial applications, such as: floors, pools and spas, outdoor kitchens, screen enclosures furniture driveways, trees in the garden, communication routes, etc.

LED light strips have gained popularity over the past years. They presented challenges to architects, landscapers, designers and all the trades’ people who have worked to install them. Visual Aquatics designed a new LED lighting system - LED lightbars that eliminate the practical problems related to LED light strip mounting and create endless design opportunities for the outdoors.

Visual Aquatics LED fixtures and profiles are aimed to light and illuminate various areas in residential and commercial applications, such as: Pools and Spas (AQUA-LUCENT LIGHTBAR & LIGHT DISC), floors, outdoor kitchens, driveways, trees in the garden, communication routes, etc.

LED lightbars can be used to create outdoor lamps, outdoor furniture with integrated lighting, stair illumination, etc. LEDs can be applied everywhere where light is needed.

Visual Aquatics' lightbars are sleek and streamlined, presenting a clean and modern look. Their many shapes and sizes make them suitable for a countless variety of residential and commercial applications. Both the professional designer and the creative homeowner are comfortable experimenting with this product to achieve stylish results. Outdoors, LED lightbars systems can be used to illuminate garden statuary or water features. They can create a romantic ambiance in the conversation area of the patio or brighten a play area for the children. LED lightsbar are found in hotels and restaurants, bars and shopping malls. There is no opportunity too large or too small for this adaptable lighting system.


Similar work

The design choices are endless.

Choice of light color sets the mood, from a comfortable warm white to a rocking red.

Lightbars provide stable mounting for the LED ribbon lights.

They can be mounted almost anywhere as they are compact and can be cut to fit any desired spaces indoors or outdoors.

Maximizes opportunities.

Using LED extrusions really maximizes opportunities to take advantages of all the features of LED strip lights.